Safety Statement

It is the sincere desire of The Company to promote a safe and healthy working environment for every one of our employees. Unsafe acts or conditions, if allowed to exist, can and will result in accidents. The Company believes that the elimination of all unsafe acts and conditions will eliminate accidents on and off the job. Therefore, The Company has taken a ZERO Tolerance approach toward accidents. Zero unsafe acts plus Zero unsafe conditions equals Zero accidents. It is the responsibility of every one of our employees to comply with safety and health rules and all regulatory standards that apply to the work being conducted. Every employee is responsible for his or her own safety; no one can look after you better than yourself. Therefore, if you see an unsafe condition or someone behaving in an unsafe manner, stop the work and correct the problem or bring it to the attention of your supervisor so the problem can be corrected and work can resume.

In taking a ZERO Tolerance approach The Company believes that there is not a job that cannot be completed safely. Every job that we do shall be conducted in a safe manner, complying with all rules and procedures. Safety is to come first. All employees are asked to perform many different tasks. If you are asked to perform a task and you have not received the proper training, STOP, ask questions and get the training you need to complete the task safely.

If you have a safety problem that can not be resolved with your immediate supervisor, please call one of the people who have signed below or a member of the safety department.

Our Safety Program manual has been prepared for the guidance of all our employees. Compliance with the rules contained herein is mandatory and is not optional. Strict observance of safety rules is necessary and is required to prevent accidents from occurring. Any disregard of the rules will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary actions being taken up to and including termination.