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Niels Fugal Sons Company


Niels Fugal Sons Company, LLC (“Niels Fugal”) is a specialty contractor serving the telecommunications and natural gas construction industries. Since 1924 Niels Fugal Sons Company has provided construction services to major corporations, municipalities, and utility companies throughout the United States. The company offers a full range of telecommunications construction services, including cable & conduit plowing, boring & trenching, aerial & underground construction along with cable & fiber pulling and blowing. Niels Fugal also offers a full service fiber & copper splicing and testing division with over ten years’ experience.

They are also a qualified contractor for natural gas high-pressure pipeline and local distribution systems. These services entail pipeline construction, relocation and replacement, river and aerial crossings, pipeline rehabilitation, facilities construction, gas gathering, hydrostatic testing and turn-key pipeline services.

Niels Fugal continues to set the highest standards of service and integrity, providing some of the most experienced personnel in the construction industry. Its modern equipment enables its employees to complete projects on time and within budget. The company has been recognized for its quality, workmanship, and respect of those customers it has worked with over the past eight decades.

Over the years, Niels Fugal Sons Company has changed with the times. It has been a leader, not a follower. Technology has improved and the company has been, and will continue to be, on the cutting edge of those changes.


Since 1924

In 1924, Niels Fugal had a dream of serving the construction industry.  Of doing things differently. Better.  More economically.  But first, he had to lay a solid foundation of values:
Hard work
And success

His dream became a reality: the Niels Fugal Sons Company, started in Pleasant Grove in 1924. He passed his values to his sons.  And they in turn passed those same values to their families.  The tradition continues.

Niels Fugal started in the construction business by building water distribution systems in many Utah communities. As technology improved and consumer demand increased, his company branched out into providing natural gas lines.

Eventually, the company entered the telecommunication market. This division is involved in the installation, construction and laying of telephone cable, conduit and all associated work, including fiber-optic systems and inside structured network systems.




Today the Fugal Company still has a passion for excellence, a dedication to its loyal employees and a commitment to its valuable customers.  The Fugal Company has an entrepreneurial spirit plus a dedication to quality, a profound confidence in teamwork and an uncanny ability to look toward the future.

The Fugal Company strives to stay one step ahead of the competition while remaining firmly entrenched in traditional, old-fashioned values. And now, with one-stop service, it offers its customers both outside and inside services.



Niels Fugal Sons Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dycom, Inc. that provides construction services to major corporations, municipalities and utility companies.

The Fugal Company has grown to a well-known leader in the construction and communications industry.  With its corporate office in Pleasant Grove, Utah and additional offices in Southern Utah, Northern Arizona, Colorado and Texas, the Fugal Company serves the entire Western United States.


Although technology has improved, one thing has remained constant: the values held by Niels himself.  Now in its third generation of family ownership, the company continues to set the highest standards of service and integrity in the construction industry.  Skilled employees do quality work, and customers are treated fairly and with respect.


Over the years, Niels Fugal Sons Company has changed with the times.  It has been a leader, not a follower.

Technology has improved, and the company has been — and will continue to be — on the cutting edge of those changes.  One thing, however, will never change at the Fugal Company: the values of integrity, quality, leadership, teamwork, and success.

Niels Fugal Sons Company has worked to stay ahead with its Telecommunications and Pipeline & Gas divisions.